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Date: Mon May 02 2005 - 05:00:34 EDT

Sorry for the delay.

I had 2 answers, one from us, and one from a HPC engineer from SUN.

Tim Chipman ( told me to downgrad my A1000 to a
D1000, which don't have a raid controler inside (so just remove it), and
then do the raid with a software.

The HPC engineer told my to upgrade to a newer storage (for example a
SE3310). He also said that SUN is not working on raid manager to make it
running on Solaris 10.

In my lab, i just reinstalled Solaris 9, with the raid manager.


Original question :

I have a computer running Solaris 9, with rm6, and a A1000.
I want to upgrade this machine to Solaris 10.
I know that rm6 doen't support Solaris 10.
But, is there's a way to make it running?
Is there another tool as easy as the other one?



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