SUMMARY: C-license

From: Dirk Moolman <>
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 11:15:16 EDT
Thank you very much everyone.  I received many replies, the best one
from Vincent Cojot (see below), thanks Vincent! (and to everyone else).

It took me 30 minutes to find the answer from this mailing list,
compared to WEEKS(!) with my support company (and still not making any
progress with them).


Forte (Up to 6.2) used node-locked FLEXlm licensing.
Starting with 7.0, there is a serial number that activates the software
but no node-locked stuff anymore which means you can move the software
to a different machine.
To check if you have a post 7.0 version, see if:

<Path_to_Forte>/SUNWspro/bin/snit is there..

On my system (Sun Forte 10 aka SUN studio 10):

root@tsaroth:[~][502]# /opt/SUN-Studio-10.0/SUNWspro/bin/snit
Number of serial numbers found: 1
Total RTUs available: 500
License file used:

   Product Name:          Sun[tm] Studio 10 software
   Serial Number (SN):    SSS100-[snip]
   Is SN valid?:          yes
   RTUs:                  500
   Is trial SN?:          no

If you have Forte 6.2 or below, you will have a file similar to:
/etc/opt/licenses/licenses_combined which will most likely show
node-locked licenses..

I hope this helps..

To get the version, run:
# pkginfo -l SPROcc

Example here with Forte 6.2:
       NAME:  Forte Developer 6 update 2 Compiler C
   CATEGORY:  application
       ARCH:  sparc
    VERSION:  6.2
    BASEDIR:  /opt
     VENDOR:  Sun Microsystems, Inc.
       DESC:  Forte Developer 6 update 2 Compiler C
     PSTAMP:  010516124340-22819-80cb2941
   INSTDATE:  Dec 08 2003 18:09
    HOTLINE:  Please contact your local service provider
     STATUS:  completely installed
      FILES:      110 installed pathnames
                   41 shared pathnames
                   48 directories
                   24 executables
                16068 blocks used (approx)

[Original post]

I am getting very frustrated with the support I am getting from the
company that supports my SUN Solaris platform .... sigh

We (my company) bought a c-license from them, and I am now trying to
find out what type of license we have, an enterprise license (can be
installed on many servers), or stand alone. They are telling me to run
pkginfo and grep for Forte, but this doesn't tell me anything about the
type of license. Now they tell me to search on Google. With this type of
support I don't need support (sorry, just blowing off some steam).

Can anyone here tell me how to check what type of license I have - if it
is possible at all. I know some packages don't tell you, and that the
paperwork is the only thing that tells you what type of license you

Please, any help will be appreciated.

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