Summary - Solaris 10 at home

From: Ragnar Moller (MA/ESF) <>
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 10:37:56 EDT
Just for a summary of what I have so far:

The best so far is quite a detailed work instruction for quad boot on
Search for "quad boot" and
click on the third entry in the list. It is this

It's really detailed and answered some of my hesitations when doing the

Other recommendations are

- Use a dedicated machine for Solaris
- Use a dedicated disk for Solaris
(This advise I also got from colleagues but I AM STUBBORN AS HELL).

Plus some links where I can search for more (but it's along search)

May be you can install grub without linux see :
but I used Ranissh boot manager

usefull links :

Nothing so far about recovering partitions lost.

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