SUMMARY: Unused diskspace is unavailable on mirrored rootdisk with Veritas

From: Alex Duile <>
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 06:08:33 EDT
A tad late but here is my promised summary about the problem i had...

Thanks to the following guys who tried to help me:

Jeff Woolsey 
Murdock, Matt
Bhaskara, Srikalyan

Marble, Jeff R
Darren Dunham
Bernd Schemmer 

After Veritas takes Controll about the harddisk my unassigned Slice 7 (about
35 GB) was not longer visible for later configurations.

Here is what i have done:

# vxprint -ht
i could discover that my Slice7 now named rootdisk7vol
(That was the Info I had overread ;-))

The next Steps were:

Stop the Veritas Volume:
# vxvol stop rootdisk7vol

Erase it:
# vxassist remove volume rootdisk7vol

After erasing it i could configure my two new volumes:
# vxassist -b -g rootdg make test1 15g layout=mirror-concat
# vxassist -b -g rootdg make test2 15g layout=mirror-concat

At first i thougt i had to create the volumes without the mirror-layout
because my rootdg was already mirrored. But then it creates only an
unmirrored volume...

this showed me the (mirrored) results:
# vxprint -ht:
    v  test1         -            ENABLED  SYNC     31457280 SELECT    -
    pl test1-01      test1         ENABLED  ACTIVE   31464192 CONCAT    -
    sd rootdisk-03  test1-01      rootdisk 69644544 31464192 0
    c1t0d0   ENA
    pl test1-02      test1         ENABLED  ACTIVE   31464192 CONCAT    -
    sd rootmirr-01  test1-02      rootmirr 0        31464192 0
    c1t1d0   ENA

    v  test2       -            ENABLED  SYNC     31457280 SELECT    -
    pl test2-01           ENABLED  ACTIVE   31464192 CONCAT    -
    sd rootdisk-05  test2-01    rootdisk 101108736 31464192 0
    c1t0d0   ENA
    pl test2-02    test2        ENABLED  ACTIVE   31464192 CONCAT    -
    sd rootmirr-05  test2-02    rootmirr 31464192 31464192 0
    c1t1d0   ENA

Creating the directories:
# mkdir /test1
# mkdir /test2

Adding the following entries to /etc/vfstab:
/dev/vx/dsk/test1      /dev/vx/rdsk/test1     /test1 ufs     1       yes
/dev/vx/dsk/test2      /dev/vx/rdsk/test2     /test2 ufs     1       yes

Creating new filesystem:
# newfs /dev/vx/dsk/test1
# newfs /dev/vx/dsk/test2

Mouting all:
# mountall
/dev/vx/rdsk/test1: is logging.
/dev/vx/rdsk/test2: is logging.

Many Thanks to this nice "Sunmanagers-institution"

Alex Duile
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