SUMMARY: Windows Storage Server 2003 serving NFS to Linux/Unix hosts

From: Debbie Tropiano <>
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 13:28:49 EDT
Hello -

While there were a few positive responses, most people said that
it was more trouble than it was worth, and that neither Dell nor MS
were of much help.  Since we already have NFS issues with Linux,
Solaris and MAC systems sharing a network, I don't want to add
any more, so plan to avoid Windows Storage Server 2003 as well as
SFU (MS's Services for Unix).  While I gather that SFU 3.0 is better
than the previous version, it apparently still has problems (and I'm
looking for something to make my life easier  :-).

Also, Craig Warnol suggested getting W2K3 Server rather than WSS2k3
since the only interface for WSS2k3 configuration is via a web interface.
If we were going with Windows at all, that would be helpful to know.

Thanks for all of the replies from Chris Ricker, John Madden, Craig Warnol,
Ric Anderson, Mark Gosselin, Will H. Backman, Rami Aubourg-Kaires, Jerry B.
Altzman, Erald Troja, Steve Sandau and Bob Finch (some of whom may be from
the linuxmanagers list since I posted this message there as well).


PS  Will H. Backman sent me the following URL, but I'm wondering if
"Best" just means that there's nothing much else out there.

Original message:
> We're considering acquiring a NAS device and the one my cohorts are
> looking at runs Windows Storage Server 2003.  It claims to serve NFS
> and play happily in the Linux/Unix environment, but having been burnt
> before I don't fully trust the marketing speak (especially when it
> comes from Microsoft  :-).
> So before we ask them to send us a system for evaluation, I'd like to see
> what the "real" experts have to say.  Does Windows Storage Server 2003
> *really* play nicely in a mostly Linux/Unix environment?  Are there
> difficulties to setting it up or running it that a Linux/Unix admin would
> want to know beforehand?
> Any information would be appreciated,
> Debbie
> PS  The one we're looking at is the PV745 from Dell.  Other projects have
> this one, but don't run it with Linux/Unix.
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