SUMMARY: OS upgrade with VxVM

From: Solaris List <>
Date: Mon Apr 25 2005 - 06:46:13 EDT
Hello Managers;

First of all, I am sorry for late reply. I finally succeed to upgrade
Solaris with Veritas VxVM.
Thanks all who replied.  In general, All suggestios are  composed in
two different ways.

-  Unmount all staff about Vx , then reboot system "-s" and run
./upgrade_start ( in veritas cd )
then upgrade , then  run upgrade_finish script

- Unmount all staff about Vx, deport datadg(s) ( try import to
understand if you will be able to import after upgrade or not ),
protect the one of the rootdg mirrors for backup,  remove VxVM package
and patch about Veritas,  then upgrade Solaris , then install VxVM
packages ( install with pkgadd and select update ) and  import

I used  2nd  way to upgrade. Finally, I finished my work

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