SUMMARY: Java Desktop gnome terminal is slow as molasses

From: Rick von Richter <>
Date: Wed Apr 20 2005 - 15:08:44 EDT
The basic consensus is that I'm <insert explicative here>.  It appears 
to be a trade off between speed (dtterm/xterm) and eye candy and 
features (gnome term).  Sigh.... I want my cake and eat it too.

Original Question:
  OS: Solaris 10
  HW: Ultra 60

  I am using the Java Desktop System and the default terminal is the
  terminal.  I like this because of the multiple tabs in one window and
  other features.  But, it is an incredibly slow window.  E.g. if I do an
  'ls -lAR' while I'm in the /etc directory on my local workstation, it
  takes the gnome terminal a whopping 78 seconds to list around 6300
  files/directories.  But, if I start a dtterm window and run the same
  command, it takes less than 1 (one) second.

  Another annoying problem is this.  If I am logged onto another server
  and I list a directory that has a lot of files (or even do the same
  command above) I cannot immediate break out of the listing. I.e. the
  list is scrolling by and I hit Ctrl-C, my cursor is not returned to me
  immediately.  It looks as though there is a lot of buffering going on
  and my keystroke (Ctrl-C) does not take affect until the buffer runs
  out.  Again, if I run this in a dtterm window my Ctrl-C is immediate.

  Are there some settings or tweaks to do to the gnome terminal to make
  it behave like the dtterm window?


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