Partial Summary: can't do "sudo -s" on hardened box

From: Gold Sun <>
Date: Thu Apr 14 2005 - 23:39:19 EDT
Hi All,
The problem is my colleague's id on the same server
is OK (ie he could do 'sudo -s').
Yes, /usr/bin/ksh is in /etc/shells :
# more shells

I've also tried Frank's suggestion in /etc/sudoers :
root ALL=(ALL) ALL
9gohpo ALL=(ALL) ALL
%smcadmin ALL=ALL
%helpdesk ALL=ALL, !SHELLS

but I'm still getting the message :
Sorry, user 9gohpo is not allowed to execute '/usr/bin/ksh' as
 root on sp01qtt02ist5s5
when doing 'sudo -s'
Is there some daemon that I must restart for it to take
effect?  I've placed my id under both smcadmin &
helpdesk groups in /etc/group
G Sun

is /usr/bin/ksh in /etc/shells?

Could be something as silly as that.


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