SUMMARY: Exiting a terminal session from the StorEdge 3510 firmware

From: Benoît Audet <>
Date: Mon Apr 11 2005 - 08:30:23 EDT

Many thanks to the ones who replied to my question.  Unfortunately, it dosen't
seem to have a "quit" option to the StorEdge 3510 firmware.  I should have
mention that this wasn't a "unable to quit a tip session" problem, since I've
got many answers suggesting me to RTFM about tip!  ;)  Obviously, I should
have been more specific.

Special thanks goes to Andrew Williams, Tim Evans and Grzegorz Bakalarski for
their replies.  Here's an answer resuming the point:

"So, the answer is there is no logout/quit function. You just need to
disconnect (~. in tip, ctrl-] in telnet connection). That's it. If you set up
password the system will always ask you for password whenever you try to
change any setting and possibly at a beginning of session."

Thanks again to all.

Ben Audet

My original posting was:
<---- Cut here ---->
Fellow managers,

We have some StorEdge 3510 that we manage both by the way of IP addresses and
serial connections.  In both connexion types, we use the RAID firmware,
revision 3.25.  Accessind and using it is flawless and everything works

But, as soon as we want to "logout" of the interface, we face a problem: we
didn't find any "quit" option.  This is painfull, especially when doing a
"tip" connexion, where we can't get out of the firmware interface.

Browsing in the "" and in the PDFs included with the StorEdge
3510's documentation CDs, we do have plently information about how to connect
and initiate sessions to the firmware, but nothing about quitting it...   Do
some of you knows of a way to properly "quits" or "exits" from it?

Thanks in advance and, of course, will summarise!
<---- Cut here ---->

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