SUMMARY2: controller enumeration

From: Alex Stade <>
Date: Fri Apr 08 2005 - 08:14:54 EDT
Omitted by me, but pointed out by Vincent Cojot, it is also necessary to 
re-create /dev/dsk/cN* and /dev/rdsk/cN* at the same time as /dev/cfg/cN 
are re-created, lest Solaris will happily consult /dev/dsk/cN* and 
/dev/rdsk/cN* for hints on how to re-create /dev/cfg/cN.


 From Vincent;


/dev/cfg/* is not enough. If you are renumbering your controller, you 
must -also- rename /dev/dsk/cX* and /dev/rdsk/cX* at the -same- time, 
otherwise, the /dev/cfg entries will be re-created in the prevous order.
Aside from that, I've done controller re-numbering (to fix incorrectly 
ordered stuff due to human mistakes) on SF15k domains without problem.


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