SUMMARY: controller enumeration

From: Alex Stade <>
Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 - 14:32:55 EDT
Thanks to everybody who replied so promptly, especially Darren Dunham 
who nailed it.

Solaris builds and maintains a directory called '/dev/cfg' which 
contains the controller assignments. This happens whenever a new 
controller is seen. Device numbers are assigned on an incremental basis.

It should be noted that messing with this stuff on a system which has 
volume managers or on controllers which hold the root disks, that 
re-assigning these controller names should be done with utmost caution.


Original question was;

I am trying to figure out how Solaris determines the controller ID for a 
particular SCSI controller. I am not having much luck.

I have two 220R lab machines which I jumpstarted with Solaris 9 U7, both 
hosts are identical with respect to hardware as well as OS install. 
However, on one of the hosts the add-in SCSI controllers are called 'c1' 
and 'c2', whereas the other has 'c2' and 'c3'. I re-jumpstarted them and 
this time Solaris called them 'c1' and 'c2' on both hosts.

I have seen this on both sparc and i386 hardware. Two identical PCs with 
add-in PCI SCSI controllers - one of the PCs end up having the internal 
IDE drive called 'c0d0' and the other PC ends up with 'c2d0'.

So my question is two-fold.

a) How does Solaris figure out what controller should recive which 
controller ID, e.g. 'c0', 'c1' etc.; and

b) Is this something I can adjust (obviously with proper care and 
caution taken with respect to volume managers and boot devices) without 
having to jumpstart and keep my fingers crossed?

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