SUMMARY: Resource Group offline in Sun Cluster

From: ssloh <>
Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 - 09:48:47 EDT
Only two responses but GOOD enough, thanks Mazhar Khan who pointed me to use "RGOffload" resource type to accomplish my mission
Thanks Ramesh Edupalli who refer me to Sun Document ID : 78315 for resource group dependencies workaround for SunCluster 3.0

Yes, I am using SunCluster3.0 here, to be more specific
1. RG1 running on node1
2. RG2 running on node2
3. If RG1 failed on node1, it will failover to node2
4. Offline RG2 at node2 first prior to Online RG1 on node2

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Subject: Resource Group offline in Sun Cluster

Hi folks,

Would like to check how to accomplish below scenario
RG1 running on node1, RG2 running on node2.
Before failover RG1 to node2, RG2 need to be OFFLINE in node2 first. I could not find any pre-offline script attribute in RG.

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