SUMMARY: Sun pkg management

From: Yashpal Nagar <>
Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 - 06:48:40 EDT
Thanks to Adam, Jacint & everyone those who replied.
Lot of people replied that there are some areas where sun sucks over Linux.

Last reply i got from Jacint, was interesting and found working.

One may use pkgmap file in package to see what files it will install. 
for 2nd its not possible though there are some tools like which might work.


On Sunday 03 Apr 2005 2:12 pm, Yashpal Nagar wrote:
> Hi Sun manager's!
> While learning Sun Solaris, i struck up at the following.
> 1. How do you check all files in a pkg with out installing a pkg. e.g i
> have spooled a package SUNWcsr to /abc then how to check what are the files
> in SUNWcsr ? aka in linux you can do "rpm -qpl pkg-name-i386.rpm".
> 2. Suppose if i want to install one package from CD 1/2 then if that
> package requires some other dependencies in CD2, then how does it
> curcumvent. Any tools liks apt-get, yum, etc :) I mean in general how  to
> meet dependencies problem?
> Regards,
> Yash
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