SUMMARY: UW Diff scsi vs UW scsi cables.

From: George R Goffe <>
Date: Wed Apr 06 2005 - 12:55:38 EDT

I got a LOT of responses to this one, my sincerest thanks to all who
responded and to those who considered the problem as well.

Basically, I was given what I was told was a DIFF SCSI card which
turns out to be a "Dual Single-Ended Ultra/Wide SCSI (PCI)" card.
What I needed a "Dual Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI (UDWIS/P)(HVD)"
card which I just happen to have. This info is from a web site that
Ken Rossman sent me. A GREAT SITE by the way.


I hooked the card up to a multipack (12 drive version) but got some
UGLY messages during boot which I had thought were due to trying to
talk to a non-DIFF SCSI enclosure via a DIFF SCSI controller card.
This origional card just might be bad.

Thanks to all who responded:

 Ken Rossman
 Anthony D'Atri
 Darren Dunham
 Eric Lewandowski
 Jason Santos
 Thomas M. Payerle


Origional post:

 Sorry to bother you with this baby question but I have an a1000
 which has two diff scsi connections on the back and I have a two
 channel (low profile connectors) diff scsi (single ended) card in
 the system. I was told that just any uw scsi cable would work but
 I'm not seeing the drives with a uw scsi cable. Can you tell me if
 this should work or am I being fed a crock?

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