SUMMARY: Reading material

From: Marc Belanger <>
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 18:14:14 EDT
1) Thanks to all who replied. I appreciate the effort.
2) I forgot about the list FAQ, and inappropriately posted here, instead of
a more on-topic group, or list. My sincerest apologies. I'll summarize only
because I said I would, maybe it could be added to the FAQ (or relevant
source) and hopefully will close the thread.
3) Here's the list. I looked up ISBN's where I was able to find them. Almost
all of these are in stock, and available at present. YMMV.

Solaris Solutions for System Administrators (Wiley press)  ISBN: 047143115X
Solaris Systems Programming (Prentice Hall) ISBN: 0-201-75039-2
The Practice of System and Network Administration ISBN: 0201702711
Configuration and Capacity Planning for Solaris Servers ISBN: 0-13-349952-9
Unix Power Tools (O'Reilly) ISBN: 0-596-00330-7
Panic! Unix System Crash Dump Analysis ISBN: 0131493868
UNIX System Administration Handbook (3rd Edition) ISBN: 0130206016
Solaris Internals (2nd Edition) Coming to a bookstore soon!

And the following websites were offered as well:

Thanks again all.
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