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From: Jun Zhu <>
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 16:48:11 EDT

I got many responses. Lots of people recommend using
lsof/pfiles, which failed in our environment. One
possible reason is we are using vxfs filesystem and
lsof doesn't recognize it.
oracle     5200    oracle  cwd                        
                   unknown file system type (vxfs),
v_op: 0x783cdb
oracle     5200    oracle  txt                        
                   unknown file system type (vxfs),
v_op: 0x783cdb
Sherman Butler and Casper Dik suggests using:
find /proc -links 0 -type f -ls

It lists all the processes and can't tell which one is
the stale one.

Finally, I restart all the processes using that
filesystem and the disk space is back.:-)

Here I really appreciated the following people
spending time to respond my question.

Petri Kallberg
Sam Nelson
Hall, Christian N.
Allan West 
Alex Stade
Chamkura, Balki
Thomas M. Payerle
Sherman Butler
Allan West
Thomas M. Payerle
Brian Gerard
Eric Lewandowski

All best regards,


Original Question ------
I got many responses recommending lsof or fuser. 

I am sorry not to clarify my sitution in original

I don't know who/when the file was deleted and don't
know the filename either. Just because of the weird
space difference, I suspect some log files have been
removed with processes up and running. 

I thought the /proc structure should contain the file
node information and am writing a script to go through
all the related process. In the mean time, I am open
to  other methods or opinions.:-)

best regards,


Hello everyone,

One team member removed a big log file without killing
the process, causing disk space un-released from

We are running solaris 9 with volume manager 4.0. Is
there anyway I can find that particular process
without rebooting the whole system?

thanks very much!


Here is the df output:

Filesystem            kbytes    used   avail capacity 
Mounted on
/dev/vx/dsk/rootdg/a 1048576  946456   96334    91%   

#du -sk /a

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