SUMMARY: SC service password - any ideas how to generate?

From: Alberto da Silva <>
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 16:14:44 EDT
Any ideas on how to generate the service password for the system controller?


Basically Sun can generate the password using an internal application

Why do you need the password?
To re-enable components which are incorrectly Auto Diag'ed / Component
Health Status disabled.

I received info on a number of cases where AD had incorrectly CHS
disabled additional components.
eg. memory error disables memory + CPUs.

In our case a network card loopback test on one card disabled 4
network cards - 2 onboard and 2 PCI.

In some cases the component is changed, but the new component is still
CHS disabled.

To re-test the component you need to 'setchs -s ok -r "Testing" -c component'
BUT you need a Sun supplied SC password to run setchs.

If you have a server that has a system controller, and you are not on
maintenance contract, then you are screwed.

I suggest that if you are buying a new server, then before paying,
insist on getting a permanent SC password.

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