SUMMARY: additional info on quick V890 question

From: Adam Levin <>
Date: Fri Apr 01 2005 - 15:22:23 EST
Additional thanks to:
joe_fletcher <>
Adam Tomkinson <>
Carl Marino <>
Michael Horton <>
Geoff Lane <>
"Bhaskara, Srikalyan (Sri), ALABS" <>
Ilya Birman <>
Bernd Schemmer <>

A few tidbits:

1) I should try contacting Sun to let them remove the RSC password
2) I should send the machine back to the supplier and get one without a 
3) Someone speculates that admin/manager might be the user/pass combo

Several suggested fixing this from a booted machine, but since we have not 
yet set up the machine, I need a console *first*.

Several also mentioned that the power button trick does work, but it's 
quirky.  You have to hit the button while the light is flashing quickly, 
which takes a few seconds after power on to happen, and you can miss it, 
so be careful.

Finally, yes, I'm sure it's an 890 and not an 880, and yes, an 890 has a 
serial mgmt port, so labelled as part of the RSC card (and next to the net 
mgmt port).

It turned out, after all, that the wrong cable was plugged into the TTY 
port, such that the RSC messages were still coming in on what we thought 
was the console.  That's what happens when you're working remotely.  Once 
we straightened out getting the correct cable into the TTY port, we were 
good to go at the OK prompt.

Thanks again, all.

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