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From: Adam Levin <>
Date: Thu Mar 31 2005 - 11:22:28 EST
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Thanks to Eric Paul <> for a quick response.  As I 
figured, we should use the 25 pin port.  For some reason, we were still 
getting RSC messages, but I think maybe the cable was wrong (I'm not at 
the remote facility).  Once we got that straightened out, we started 
seeing POST messages on TTYA, so I think we're in good shape now.

Eric's response is below, and the original question is at the bottom.



TTYA is the 25-pin serial port on the back of the 890.  The serial port on 
the RSC won't be "live" until you install the ALOM software package into 
Solaris.  It will ask you for a password, but never answer.  Plug directly 
into the 25-pin serial port and you should get your "real" console until 
you get Solaris up and running.

You will have to power-cycle the box once you install the ALOM software to 
force the default console port onto the RSC, if that is what you desire.


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I've got a pair of new V890s (well, supposedly new).

We've never used the RSC -- always either the console (TTYA) or the LOM on 
newer machines.

When we first plugged these guys in, we used the serial mgmt port, which 
is apparently the RSC.  They both came up requiring a password, which we 
don't know.

We found infodoc 47745, which says we can plug into ttya and press the 
power button twice at poweron to clear NVRAM so that ttya is the console, 
but that's not working -- we're still getting the RSC prompy over ttya.

So, we're going to try ripping out the rsc card to see if we get a console 

Since we're behind schedule getting these machines up, has anyone else had 
any luck clearing the rsc password and getting back to just a regular 
console on ttya?

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