SUMMARY:disk size supported by Solaris 7

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Date: Wed Mar 30 2005 - 23:49:31 EST
Dear Managers

Thanks to all who replied. However the most useful replies came from :

Coy Hile
Peter Kunst

Looks like Solaris 7 can support SCSI disks larger than 32GB, but with IDE
there seem to be some restrictions.

Coy Hile wrote
>Any SCSI disk will work fine.  Some of the machines that use ATA disks
>Ultra 5 and 10, specifically) do no support!LBA mode addressing and are
>limited to a maximum size of 137GB per disk.

Peter Kunst wrote
>Solaris7 supports SCSI disks larger than 32GB. in case of IDE,
>it depends on hardware version. i know some Ultra10's
>recognizing 120GB IDE disks as 32GB disks only, but others will
>see those drives as 120GB.

>disk size / partition size limit is also an issue regarding used
>hardware. e.g. on a sparc10 (microsparc processor family), the
>root partition must be smaller than 2GB to be able to boot.

>8GB is also the limit for nfs protocol version 2 exported partitions.
>accessing partitions >8GB from another nfsV2 client can make data on
>disk unreadable/corrupt.

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