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From: Paveza, Gary <gary.paveza_at_AIG.COM>
Date: Wed Mar 30 2005 - 21:41:53 EST
Interestingly enough the problem turned out to be with out timeserver.  I
had timeserver=<IP address> in the configuration.  Early in the morning,
there was very little traffic and the router which is our timeserver was
able to respond very quickly.  Evidently jumpstart is very sensitive to
this.  When the network traffic was a bit higher and the router did not
respond quite so quickly it caused the jumpstart installation to drop to
interactive mode.  Changing timeserver=<IP> to timeserver=localhost solved
this issue.  It isn't critical that the servers have the correct date/time
on initial install (worst case we install wrong, set the date, then do
another jumpstart).

I received a lot of replies to this problem and a great thanks to all of

Special thanks to:

Geoffrey Walton, Matthew Stier and Richard Stelton who stuck with it and
worked quite a bit with me.

Gary Paveza, Jr.
Senior Systems Administrator -CSA
(302) 252-4831 - phone

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Subject: automatic jumpstart

I'm evidently missing something.  I have a jumpstart server setup and can
perform a network installation from it.  However, it boots off the jumpstart
server and then goes into an interactive installation - instead of using the
profile provided in the rules files.  I've done the check (the rules.ok has
a later timestamp than the profile).

Early this morning I kicked off an install (boot net - install) and it did
it automatically, but I can't get it to repeat.  IT keeps going to an
interactive installation.

Anyone have any ideas?

Gary Paveza, Jr.
Senior Systems Administrator -CSA
(302) 252-4831 - phone
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