SUMMARY: convert installed package back to package file?

From: John Christian <>
Date: Wed Mar 30 2005 - 17:16:05 EST

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Richard Butler
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Gavin Brennan
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As usual, this list rocks! Can you dump an installed package into a complete
package file? No. But it could be possible to collect most of the raw pieces
necessary to construct a new package file from scratch. The
/var/sadm/install/contenst file and /var/sadm/pkg/<my_pkg> folder should have
most of the directories, files, and permissions defined with a particular
package. Once the raw material is collected in a staging area, it's just a
matter of following a typical self-package creation process. The procedures
for building your own packages are well documented so I'm not including those
steps here. Some quick links if you require such details are:

Not so fast! Before you rush off to build your phoenix.pkg, notice what's
overlooked in the steps above: those pesky pre and post installation scripts
included with some packages. If those are gone (which they usually are)
there's no way to know what they did. Fortunately in my case, the package was
just used as a way to distribute a collection of directories and files and did
not -as far as anyone can remember- contain any custom pre or post
installation scripts.

-John Christian


From: on behalf of John Christian
Sent: Wed 3/30/2005 10:32 AM
Subject: convert installed package back to package file?

hi gurus,

So let's pretend we have a package installed but nobody has the original
or copy of the package file. Is there any way to remove an installed package
from Solaris 9 but, instead of it just disappearing, end up with the original
package file I could use to re-install if necessary?

Yes, the logic behind doing this is rather flimsy. Everyone should have a
of all original installation media and all packages/patches ever applied
the first install. But it's not entirely unreasonable to shift pkgadd into
reverse and end up with the original pkg file. Is it?

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