E4500 cluster reboot & A5200: SUMMARY

From: Julian Grunnell <julian.grunnell_at_pipex.net>
Date: Wed Mar 30 2005 - 09:24:42 EST
Thanks to: Alfredo De Luca + Simonb + even more thanks to Alfredo De

Well it looks like this was some strange failure fencing where the
"failed" node could not see any of the disks mastered by the running
node. But I have never seen this before?

In a nutshell.

A "scadmin startnode" added the node to the cluster but it was not
mastering anything. Use "hastat" to confirm this.

Then did a "haswitch <node-name> <logical-host>"

Either be logged on at the console or tail the messages file to whats
going on. And bingo the servers are now back up and running as they
should be.

Thanks - Julian.
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