summary:web server/ssl session problem

From: Jun Zhu <>
Date: Tue Mar 22 2005 - 14:14:02 EST

Thanks for the suggestions from Kumar Guhan, Prattico
Elvio, Tom Grassia and Steve Rieger.

Since we need a full memory duplicate between two
iplanet servers in order to keep webserver failure
transparent to users, the only solution is application
cluster.  The other possible option is Resonate
Central Dispatch.


In terms of the session fail over, you can configure
iplanet to use a
database for storing the session data, which is then
accessible from all
the webservers. Hope this helps.

Kumar sg

I assume your css makes the client connection sticky
with the same server
because of sessions and ssl. Depending on which
version of css you have, you
can have a ssl offloader (a pci card in your css) so
that it would be the
css taking care of encrypting/decrypting. At that
point if the session data
is shared (in a database for example), any server
would be able to continue
the session.

Is the arrowpoint the successor to Cisco's Local
Director?  I remember 
using Cisco Local Director for web server load

If it is, I believe you need to set the failed
webserver as "out of 
service" until you can repair the issue on that
system.  Then you'd "in 
service" it again.

At least, that's how we handled server problems with
the local director.

> There are multiple ways of doing this.
> Vrrp from cisco or on the actual sun boxes would be
> the easiest.
Hi Zhu,

We use iPlanet web server 6.1 with a jsp/servlet
container (not iPlanet
App server), as far as I am able to see you can enable
this on a web app
basis rather than a server wide configuration. I have
personally not
used this facility yet but did some research on.

It seems that for every web app, there can be a
sun-web.xml file
underneath the WEB-INF folder where you specify what
session manager you
want to use (iPlanet comes along with its own manager
IWSSessionManager) and other parameters like where the
session data is
stored (file, memory, db, etc).

The following url might be able to help you:

The main doc for iPlanet web server:

Hope this helps.

Kumar sg
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