Summary but not quite fixed: RE: Problems creating users in LDAP

From: Swanson, James CONTRACTOR <>
Date: Mon Mar 21 2005 - 12:19:43 EST
Thanks to Will Dowling, I'm not getting the home directory errors any
more, and I can log on locally to our Sun boxes.  Basically, I have to
manually create the directories on each of the clients.  But this brings
up another issue.  The users created by my predecessor can log in, and
their /export/home/$username on the LDAP server is their home directory.
I can't do that, I had to create home directories manually on each
client box.  Did I miss something?

James Swanson
Unix Sysadmin
Phone: 703-767-4541

> I've been trying to add myself to our Sun One 5.2 LDAP server.  I'm
> logged in as Admin, I added myself through the Sun One Server Console,

> put in appropriate groups, added an automount directory, etc.  Did all

> that, hit okay , and tried to log in.  Doesn't work.  I looked up the
> documentation from my predeccesor, followed his instructions, and when

> I get to the bottom of the document , he wrote, "And now what, the
> user still can't logon and this procedure doesn't create a home
> directory on the server."  I'm having the same problem.  What am I
> missing?
>  Is there a secret command that I have to run to get the user to work?

> Any help would be appreciated, as I'm still a beginner with this type
> of system. Thanks.
> James Swanson
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