SUMMARY: Solaris x86

From: Tom Grassia <>
Date: Mon Mar 21 2005 - 11:20:55 EST
Cease fire, x86 people!

Damn, I never knew there were that many of you folks out there.  Silent no 
longer, I guess.

Here's the skinny from the scores of responses I've received.

A. You are very lame to be running two Ultra 2's in production.

Thanks, I already knew this.  Hence the whole, "I am looking to upgrade." 

Second.  An overwhelming majority of people have come out singing the 
praises of x86.  Most common opening statement, "It's obvious you haven't 
looked at it since 1999."  Many people are running/have ran a wide variety 
of applications on it.  I've seen a ton of production websites/primary 
DNS/MX records listed as examples.

That sounds great, but I haven't seen any answers mentioning running 
multiple relational db's on a box.  Since the apps I'm working with are 
basically massive front ends to a ton of Progress Db's 
(, it makes me a bit concerned about putting it on 
x86.  On the other hand,  now I have no worries about using it for some of 
the purposes I've seen detailed in the replies of many people.

3rd.  One person swears x86 is a tool of Satan.  We're all being deceived!

Umm, thanks guy.  Rock on.

Next.  The big deal to keep in mind is this:  always use hardware Sun has 
certified as being able to run x86.  I received numerous admonishments to 
not skimp on hardware.

We were looking at this to see if we could get more powerful wintel 
hardware with the money we'd be spending on Sparc hardware, so skimping 
wasn't a concern for us.  And yes, I did an hour's worth of 
self-flagellation for writing "windows hardware" instead of 
intel/wintel.  I hope we can all be friends again.

5.  There is no five.

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