SUMMARY: Problem with 3510 FC Array State Replica's

From: Thor Newman <>
Date: Fri Mar 18 2005 - 12:58:15 EST
Thanks to all who responded:


Joe Fletcher

Sal Serafino

There were two things going: the replicas were failing; the server was
refusing to boot because it had lost half its state replicas. I was so
focused on figuring on why it was losing the replica's I didn't stop to
think about the effect of losing them as it were ;)

There are issues with certain types of RAID devices being used for state
db replicas. I am not sure exactly what the distinction is, perhaps just
'any hardware RAID' is the safest assumption, but the documentation
doesn't categorically state this in Solaris VM. JBOD configurations,
even with the 3510 I believe, are fine for state db replicas.

What would appear to be the most relevant doc I turned up on SunSolve is

The best solution for my purposes anyway is to add more state replicas
to the internal disks so that the inability of the server to read the
external ones during boot up doesn't tip it over the 50%+1 threshold and
refuse to boot.

Thank-you, managers, for your time.

 - thor
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