SUMMARY: E420 not booting up

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Date: Fri Mar 18 2005 - 08:06:59 EST
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Hi gurus,

thanks to all who responded! Most of you suspected a memory problem (as we),
but some suggested a problem with the internal disks. Hm, I tried booting
the system from cd-rom, but also without success - so, I think the
riser-board is defect.
Don' have one lyin' around at the moment, but I will check it out as soon as
I can get one.

Thanks to the list for the quick + helpful responses,

have a nice hackin'!


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Hi gurus,

got a problem here with a E420:
When I power up the system, it begins running its POST-tests, and then it
The last thing I see is the banner, and the "cycling dash" of the memory
initialization. After memory initialization is complete, the line disappears
(as usual), and that's it.
I have enabled debugging, set the debug-level to "max", but I didn't spot
any problem - everything's passed, up to the described point.
I have also tried other memory modules, since we suspected a memory problem
- no success....

Anyone seen this before? What is the next step after the memory init??

Thanks in advance, will summarize.

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