[SUMMARY] PC server in Sun rack?

From: Ryan Anderson <Ryan.Anderson_at_udlp.com>
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 16:56:42 EST
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> I have a need to put two Dell servers & a rack-mounted Dell KVM in my
> standard Sun rack. The problem is that the Dell rack kits are ~4-5
> inches too short.
> Does anyone have a workaround? I can put in a work order for a sheet
> metal part to made on site if need be, so if anyone has a design, that
> would be helpful also.

We ended up getting an adaptor kit directly from Dell. But some other
solutions I got back (and would have worked just as well) were:

>From Ray Pengelly" <ray@biomed.queensu.ca>
I would purchase L shaped server rails that fit sun racks. They cost under
$60 a set which is cheaper than to custom make. I have machine shop in the
basement and 2 machinists to help me. I made my own but next time I'll buy
them. It's cheaper and you get a better product. Paying a machinist to make
them is not cost efficient. It takes ~30 minutes to make 2. Throw in the
cost of metal and it's cheaper to buy them.

>From Tim Chipman <chipman@ecopiabio.com>
We're using generic racks here (not sun branded) and our typical
workaround for different "depth" servers in the same rack was to just
get a "rack shelf" unit, and put the machine on that. Wastes ~1U of
space, but it works.  IF the sun racks accommodate standard 1u mount
form factor (hopefully so?) then you can probably buy such a generic
rack shelf (the ones we buy are adjustable to accommodate rack depths
that vary by anywhere from + or - 12inches, approx.)

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