SUMMARY: Re: quick power cord question

From: Adam Levin <>
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 11:52:04 EST
Thanks to:
Murray Robert-rmurra01 <>
"Sirisena, Navi" <>
for telling me about their vacations while I'm stuck in the office.

Thanks to:
Tom Crummey <>
Chuck <>
Scott Spencer <>

Scott gave me a list of part numbers which some of you might find useful:
X312L 180-1993 Localized Power Cord Kit - Continental Europe n/a n/a
X314L 180-1994 Buy  Localized Power Cord Kit - Swiss n/a n/a
X317L 180-1997 Buy  Localized Power Cord Kit - U.K. n/a n/a
X320A 530-1351 [F] Buy  Power Cable, IEC-320-c13 to NEMA 6-15p,
10A/250V, 2M n/a n/a
X336L U.S. Power Cords 4-Pack
180-2070 [F]  NEMA L6-20P to IEC 320 C13, 4.0M n/a n/a
X337L International Power Cords 4-Pack
180-2071 [F]  Blue 16A IEC 309 to IEC 320 C13, 4.0M n/a n/a
X338L U.S. Watertight Power Cords 4-Pack
180-2072 [F]  Blue 20A Watertight IEC 309 to IEC 320 C13, 4.0M n/a n/a
X339L International Watertight Power Cords 4-Pack
180-2073 [F]  Blue 16A Watertight IEC 309 to IEC 320 C13, 4.0M

The 180-2070 is the L6-20P to IEC 320-C13 connector, which is what I need, 
except I'm being told we don't want locking because we want duplex 
receptacles.  I told the boss man he can't have his cake and eat it, too, 
so we may take Chuck's advice and build our own.

Thanks again, everyone.


On Mon, 14 Mar 2005, Adam Levin wrote:
> Hey all,
> We just bought some Sun Fire V890s, and we didn't realize they were 220V 
> instead of 110.  Now, we're scrambling to get the data center to put in the 
> proper circuits for us.  The problem is that the cords that come with the 
> V890s are NEMA 6-15P, which are 220V 15A.  The data center only provides 20A 
> circuits, which are NEMA 6-20P, so we need to buy new power cords for the 
> 890s.  Does anyone happen to know Sun's part number, if it exists, for a NEMA 
> 6-20P cord for a V890?  If it doesn't exist, can anyone recommend where I can 
> get these cords?
> Thanks much, will summarize.
> -Adam
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