SUMMARY: Re: SAN 3310 Multiple LUN's Not Visible on Solaris 9 Host

From: Ian Wallace <>
Date: Fri Mar 11 2005 - 12:03:11 EST
Thanks to everyone who responded!  I'm always amazed at the depth of
knowledge this list holds.

Mark Cain
David Livingston
Bernd Schemmer
Darren Brechman-Toussaint
Dr. Peter Watkins
Sean Timmins

Everyone had excellent ideas.  The general jist of all was to check the
drivers.  Obviously this configuration works for others so it's
something in the configuration.

Also in my original post it was pointed out that I had a typo with the
update_drv command ... it should have been:

update_drv -f sd

and not 

update_drv -f sd.conf

In hopes that I can help someone else here's what the real issue was.
My sd.conf file had entries for additional LUN's, only they were spec'd
for the *WRONG* target.  Somehow staring at a monitor had completely
mesmerized my brain into thinking the controller number was the one that
needed to be in the target.  Wrong.  My disks show up as:


and now with the correct sd.conf entries I see:


Hence my target= line needs to be '0' not '1'.  I had entries for 7
additional luns on target 1 ... which I don't have.  A quick review of
prtconf -v, looking for the attached disk helped me determine that (a
suggestion from one of the replies).

In addition I updated my QUS drivers, however I don't think I have a
QLogic chipset, b/c this disk is picked up by the GLM driver instead of
qus.conf.  That, in fact, wasn't the issue.

So effectively all I needed to do was add the correct sd.conf entries
and 'reboot -- -r', doing the update_drv -f sd; devfsadm didn't seem to
do the trick.

Again thanks to all for the very quick help, this saved me from beating
my head against a wall again.


On Thu, 2005-03-10 at 17:08 -0700, Ian Wallace wrote:
> First, thanks to anyone who has a suggestion.  I've been searching on
> the web for the past 5 hours, reading posts, fiddling with this,
> reseting the controllers, all to no avail.  Here's the issue.
> We have:
> Solaris 9 (latest patches) connected to a 3310 array via SCSI.  It's
> connected on the primary controller, and currently has a single Logical
> Drive that is mounted on the host.  No problem.
> We just got two new disks in and wanted to expand the space on this host
> to make use of our two new drives.  Great.  Popped in the disks, reset
> the controller, recognizes the disks.  I expanded the Logical Drives
> with the two new disks.  No problem.  The 3310 now shows that the LD is
> 270GB rather than 135GB.  I then created a second partition with the new
> space (approximately 135GB) and mapped that to a host LUN on the primary
> controller.  Just to be safe, I reset the controllers on the array
> again.  I still see that I have 270GB of space, two partitions, mapped
> to two LUNS.
> Logical Drive: 0
> Partition: 0
> Lun: 0
> Logical Drive: 0
> Partition: 1
> Lun: 1
> I can see the first partition/LUN with format.  It shows up on c1t0d0
> however I would expect to see another one for c1t0d1 (to match the
> second partition).
> I have added extra LUN lines for the sd driver to /kernel/drv/sd.conf
> and reconfigured the driver with:
> update_drv -f sd.conf ; devfsadm
> But that doesn't show me the second partition.  Am I just missing
> something completely obvious?  I've seen some posts about not being able
> to see beyond the 'first' lun, but that's usually when you didn't have a
> partition on lun 0, which I do.
> Thanks to anyone who might have an idea.
> cheers
> ian
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