SUMMARY: upgrading from Solaris 8 to Sol 9 - will Solstice Disksuite mirrors stay intact

From: Gold Sun <>
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 22:31:14 EST
Thanks to Kris, Tim, Darren & Alfredo whose
responses I've pasted below.

What I'll do is :
a)detach the mirror to serve as fallback/backup
b)install Solaris 9 with SVM on one disk, boot
  up & if there's no problem, attach the 2nd
  disk to sync
c)if there's problem, my fallback would be to
  use "dd" do clone Solaris 8 back to the
  disk with Solaris 9 (& of course I have to
  edit /etc/vfstab change the device name).

G Sun

Kris :
You have to detach the mirror and setup the boot
 disk as original devices : such as 
/dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0 instead of /dev/md/dsk/d1
Because Sol 9 has different SDS (it called Solaris
Volume Manager)
You can setup mirror after upgrade to Sol 9 has

Tim :
my experience with solaris upgrades (sol 2.6 to
solaris 8 on sparc boxes) here was,

-machines with disksuite for mirroring or raid, you
have to effectively do this,
    -disable raid
    -reboot without raid
    -uninstall all raid / SDS software
    -reboot to be sure all is well
    -proceed with the upgrade as if raid never existed
    -once upgrade is completed, "install raid from
scratch" to mimic the original setup
    -the only "fiddley bit" is if you are re-creating
raid5 arrays, in which case you must use
    the appropriate flag to indicate that you are
re-creating an existing array, rather than building an
    empty array from scratch on the .. designated
slices ...

I found that attempts to do upgrades that were not ..
as specified above .. resulted in much grief and 
anxiety (ie, utter failures followed by rollback
using ufsdumps/ufsrestore snapshot data).

Darren :
> Will SVM overwrite SDS & import in the mirror
> configurations from SDS 4.21?
Basically, yes.  The most major change is the name. 
SVM is just SDS
integrated with the Solaris installation.

I don't think you going to have any problem upgrading
it if:
1) Save one mirror for any problem you might have
2) Apply all the recommended patches for solaris 8
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