SUMMARY: Problems setting up StorEdge 3310 on V240

From: Me <>
Date: Thu Mar 10 2005 - 12:24:51 EST
Problem has been solved. Thanks especially to Will Enestvedt
who responded almost immediately with an answer that pointed
me in the right direction.

My original question;

>Dear all,
>I have been struggling with this problem for some days and
>have just about exhausted all possibilities so I'm asking
>for help now.
>The Problem:
>We have a new SUN V240 & a SUN StorEdge 3310 SCSI array. The
>latter is NOT the JBOD variant but has only one controller
>and 5x73GB discs.
>The 3310 is connected to the V240 via the built in SCSI
>interface (glm?).
>Configuring the 3310 has been reasonably straightforward if
>rather awkward. One disc is reserved at a global spare and
>the other 4 as a RAID5 Logical Drive. Single partition has
>been set up with 209GB available. LUNs defined as described
>in the documentation.
>Following several reboots of the V240 and resets of the
>3310 controller we "see" the RAID5 logical drive under the
>unix format command. It appears as a single extra disc under
>c1t0d0 with slices 0 & 1 being ~156 MB (? system stuff) and
>slice 6 being ~204 GB.
>All attempts to newfs of fsck c1t0d0s6 fail. mount also fails
>with "bad magic number" errors.
>I have checked the 3310 firmware - all OK at 325S. The V240
>is running Solaris 9 with all the recommended patches from
>1 weeks ago.
>Does anyone have any ideas what I can do next to resolve the
>I half suspect it is a problem with the built-in SCSI connector
>on the V240, although the SUN tech specs say this should work.
>Any suggestions would be welcome.

The essential problem seems to be that Solaris (including
Solaris 9) is unhappy with more than 64 heads for a drive.
This is totally contrary to what is in the SUN documentation.

For further details see;

The problem is not with "format" but with newfs that seems
incapable of handling the recommended logical drive values.
Fortunately these values can be adjusted in the 3310 RAID
itself. The following worked for me in the 3310 setup;

 "view and edit Configuration parameters" -->
 "Host-side SCSI Parameters" -->
 "Host Cylinder/Head/Sector Mapping Configuration" -->
     "Sector Ranges - 255 Sectors"
     "Head Ranges - 64 Heads"
     "Cylinder Ranges - < 65536 Cylinders"
 Then reset controller.
 On V240 server use;
  "format" -> "type" -> "0 Auto configure"
 Then newfs works perfectly & I have the full RAID5 logical drive
 available as I wanted.


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