From: Paveza, Gary <gary.paveza_at_AIG.COM>
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 10:05:38 EST
Thanks to everyone who sent emails trying to solve this problem.  Many
mentioned xhost + (which wasn't the problem as the DISPLAY was being sent to
my PC to a Reflection X server), or that it should be DISPLAY=IP:0.0 (the
:0.0 had been inadvertedly left off - but was present in my trials).

The problem ended up being related to the default gateway being used at my
site.  Changing to a different gateway solved the issue.  I am working with
my networking group to try to figure out the exact problem.

Gary Paveza, Jr.
Senior Systems Administrator -CSA
(302) 252-4831 - phone

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		This one is driving me nuts.  

		I am connecting to my Solaris 8 server using Reflection X
version 12.  If I login as my user ID and set DISPLAY=<ip address of
PC>;export DISPLAY and then run /usr/openwin/bin/xclock everything is fine.
If I then login as root instead of my userID and do the same thing I get the

		Error: Can't open display: <IP Address>  

		Any ideas?

		Gary Paveza, Jr.
		Senior Systems Administrator -CSA
		(302) 252-4831 - phone
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