SUMMARY: Who command doesn't show output

From: Remy Zandwijk <>
Date: Fri Mar 11 2005 - 05:51:38 EST
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I finally found some time to investigate the 'who' problem further. A couple of
people replied to my email, but non of them really got the answer. However,
the mail from Mario Fonseca started me thinking. He wrote:

	check your wtmpx file.  it could of gotten corrupted. might need to reboot
	the machine or  check to see if the file is in use (use lsof) and truncate it.

Actually, it had something to do with the utmpx file. OpenSSH is running on all
machines. It was compiled with the configuration option '--disable-utmpx'. 
After a
recompilation, but omitting this option, the 'who' command shows everything I
wanted to see.

Thanks for your help.


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Subject: Who command doesn't show output

All, I posted this message to comp.unix.solaris a few days ago,
but I didn't get any replies. Maybe you guys can shed some light?

We have several Solaris 9 servers, who are LDAP client to an OpenLDAP
server (running on Solaris 9). Authentication and commands like 'id',
'listusers' and 'getent' are working like they should.

However, the 'who' command doesn't show any output, although users are
logged in on the systems (through OpenSSH). The 'w' command only shows
the two header lines.

Does anyone know why the 'who' command is behaving like this?

Best regards,
Remy Zandwijk
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