SUMMARY: QLA2342 HBA issue

From: Michael <>
Date: Tue Mar 01 2005 - 11:12:27 EST
The only reply I received on this was from Adam Tomkinson, who suggested
we attempt to mount the problem LUN's on the working V210 to see if the
LUN's or something along the path was causing the problem. An excellent
idea, which we unfortunately couldn't do. Adam also suggested deleting
and recreating the LUN, which we tried without any success.

At this point, the cause of the problem appears to be what we did in
/etc/driver_aliases. After adding the QLA2300 card, the server was
coming up with Sun's qlc driver, which didn't work at all. So we edited
/etc/driver_aliases and added a string for the fibre channel card found
with prtconf -vp. (Note that the card in the V210 which had been working shows
slighly different output from prtconf -vp.)

Replacing "qlc" with "qla2300" in /etc/driver_aliases and rebooting
appears to solve the problem. The OS uses the proper driver, sees the
disk geometry and we're able to use the LUN.

If there's a better way of doing this and/or some documentation on the
/etc/driver_aliases file hidden away somewhere, let me know and I'll

Original message:

One of my colleagues and I are having an issue with a QLA2342 dual-port
HBA.  These are on a V240 running Solaris 9 attached to an IBM FAStT.

The OS can see the LUN's, but the disk geometry doesn't show up when you
run format. You can't partition the LUN's, either.

However, the LUN's look perfectly fine in the SAN Surfer GUI.

The SAN foundation kit has been installed, and we're using the qla2300
drivers from Qlogic. Initially there was a problem with the SUN qlogic
drivers getting picked up.

Ironically, we have a similar card working just fine on a V210. We have
not been able to detect any significant differences between the two
servers in terms of the drivers, the firmware or configuration.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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