SUMMARY : RSC on Sun-Fire V440

From: Scott Elliott <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 2005 - 15:33:47 EST
Thanks to all that replied.

Original question:
I have a Sun-Fire V440 that came with a RSC card however from the
literature on Sun's website it doesn't look like the V440 is a supported
platform. Has anyone had any luck in trying to get rsc to work on a


The card inside the V440 is an SC card, it doesn't have the internal
modem that the RSC cards have. But for serial and telnet, it works just
like a regular ALOM card. Plug into the serial port and do a "setupsc"
to configure

The V440 uses ALOM 1.4. I have implemented and tested it on several V440
systems and it does work. The Sun documentation about ALOM does state
that V440 is a supported platform:

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