SUMMARY: where can I download Solstice Disksuite 4.21 from the Net

From: Gold Sun <>
Date: Tue Mar 08 2005 - 02:10:09 EST
Could not find it in BigAdmin site but managed to find it
at Jeff Hunter's web page : 
There's a link on the right to Get the Software package. You'll need to register online, but the process is fast and free. 
As of November 6th, 2003, the download file is called 


G Sun

Gold Sun <> wrote:

Somehow we've misplaced our Solaris 8 CDROMs & found
that SDS is not pre-installed on the SunFire 120 :
# pkginfo | grep -i SUNWmd
system      SUNWmdb        Modular Debugger
system      SUNWmdbdm      Modular Debugger Demo Source
system      SUNWmdbx       Modular Debugger (64-bit)
system      SUNWmdi        Sun Multipath I/O Drivers
system      SUNWmdix       Sun Multipath I/O Drivers (64-bit)
was expecting the following packages :
1  SUNWmdg      Solstice DiskSuite Tool
                  (sparc) 4.2.1,REV=1999.
2  SUNWmdja     Solstice DiskSuite Japanese localization
                (sparc) 4.2.1,REV=1999.
3  SUNWmdnr     Solstice DiskSuite Log Daemon Configuration Files
                (sparc) 4.2.1,REV=1999.
4  SUNWmdnu     Solstice DiskSuite Log Daemon
                  (sparc) 4.2.1,REV=1999.
5  SUNWmdr      Solstice DiskSuite Drivers
                  (sparc) 4.2.1,REV=1999.
6  SUNWmdu      Solstice DiskSuite Commands
                (sparc) 4.2.1,REV=1999.
7  SUNWmdx      Solstice DiskSuite Drivers(64-bit)
                 (sparc) 4.2.1,REV=1999.
Is there anywhere we can download SDS 4.21 from
the Internet?
G Sun

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