SUMMARY: Can't install Required Patch for Oracle10g client install prep - Sol8Sparc e450 box.

From: Tim Chipman <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 2005 - 13:33:39 EST
Thanks to Christopher L. Barnard, the one response to my query. He suggested I verify patch dependencies in the README file in the 108921-16 directory.  Alas, this was something I had already done but neglected to mention in my original posting. (oops).

I ended up fighting with the jolly situation a bit longer,

-observed that the version of SUNWdtwm installed on my system was significantly lower rev than the SUNWdtwm package found on the installer media that had been used to migrate the system to Solaris8. [note, patch 108921-23 which refused to install .. was a patch for SUNWdtwm...]

-my suspicion was, somehow I had a less-than-current package present (kind of odd?).

-In a leap of faith (well, it is a test box :-), I uninstalled the existing SUNWdtwm package (ignoring complaint about broken dependencies) and then immediately installed the more-recent SUNWdtwm package from the Solaris 10/00 installer media

-upon doing this, I was able to install the "problem patch" ( 108921-23 ) without complaint or difficulty.

I've since moved along with the oracle10g client install attempt, and have learned that ... many other support packages on this system that appear to be required  to get the oracle client "assembled" locally ... are also odd revisions (ie, not all up-to-date with sol8 installer media used for system upgrade when it migrated from sol2.6 to sol8).  I've tried to manually remove/update a number of these packages, and things are now "less different" between this system and another reference box (also that had been sol.2.6->Sol8 upgraded in its lifespan) .. however, the second ref system installs the oracle client without complaint, while this system still complains horribly, with the oraclient install tanking in the linking/assembly stage.

For amusing reference to others, packages I had verified "by hand" were

for tools (sccs, lex, yacc, make, nm, truss, ld, as):
SUNWbtool, SUNWsprot, SUNWtoo

for libraries & headers:
SUNWhea, SUNWarc, SUNWlibm, SUNWlibms
SUNWdfbh, SUNWcg6h, SUNWxwinc, SUNWolinc,

for 64 bit development:
SUNWarcx, SUNWbtoox, SUNWdplx, SUNWscpux, SUNWsprox,
SUNWtoox, SUNWlmsx, SUNWlmx, SUNWlibCx

for ucb compat:
SUNWsra, SUNWsrh

I'm now looking to probably do a "clean install" of either solaris9 or 10 on this system, and then migrate installed apps (oracle, etc) into that host OS, because the machine is ... a very old install, not the "nicest" layout, and debugging this testbox is getting beyond reasonable at this stage.

So.  a sort-of conclusion, hence something I wanted to summarize back to the list.

Hope this helps someone, somewhere, somewhen (maybe).


===original posting follows===

Hi all,

A merry question relating to patching & packages, which is the source of 
some joy here for me. Any insight/comments or experience with this 
problem .. would be appreciated.


-Solaris 8 release 7/01 on an e450 4x400mhz 2gigs ram
-Oracle 8i installed & running as "development" platform for database 

-Attempting to install Oracle 10g client locally
-Oracle client installer verifies system prior to proceeding with install
-complains that patch 108921-16 is absent, "failed", exits installer. No 
workaround on this.

-verify patches on this system, determine that

....108921 line of patches have never been installed
....package, SUNWdtwm, that this patch .. patches .. IS installed
....another patch, 109169-12, IS installed, which has a required 
dependency of 108921 (!?) so somewhat odd side-issue(?)
....attempts to install 108921-23 (latest version of this patch) exit 
with error,
  "One or more patch packages included in 108921-23 are not installed on 
this system.

[exact console output is shown below for reference]

-attempts to install slightly less recent version of 108921 (such as ver 
-16, as required by the Ora10g client) - also fail in same manner.

-for reference, 2 other neighbour systems (both solaris8, one is e450, 
other is e3500)
both have patch 108921 present, as well as SUNWdtwm package.  All have 
been maintained more-or-less in parallel,
ie, jumbo-patch-clusters applied ~3-4x annually to all systems, at the 
same time..

Does anyone have thoughts as to,

-how to encourage this patch to install?
-ever seen this before? ideas on workaround?
-.... ??

All help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

--Tim Chipman


CONTRAST, FOR REFERENCE: [a machine that is not a problem]
sapio, tells us:

sapio# showrev -p | grep "Patch: 108921"
Patch: 108921-13 Obsoletes:  Requires: 108652-19 Incompatibles:  
Packages: SUNWdtwm


HELIOS - doesn't have this patch, but DOES have something that depends 
on it ?!?!

helios# showrev -p | grep -i 108921
Patch: 109169-12 Obsoletes:  Requires: 108921-02 Incompatibles:  
Packages: SUNWdtdte, SUNWdtezt, SUNWdtmaz, SUNWdthez

[ie, no other output returned - patch 108921 is not present in any form 

Verify: Helios, definitely has the package which is patched by patch 

helios# pkginfo | grep -i SUNWdtwm
system      SUNWdtwm             CDE DESKTOP WINDOW MANAGER

Definitely has the required pre-req patch for 108921, that being listed 
as patch 108652:

helios# showrev -p | grep "Patch: 108652" ....
Patch: 108652-84 Obsoletes: 110499-03 Requires:  Incompatibles:  
Packages: SUNWxwfnt, SUNWxwice, SUNWxwplt, SUNWxwacx, SUNWxwicx, SUNWxwplx

Helios: WILL NOT install patch 108921, as shown below:

[cd /var/spool/patch, where the downloaded patch was expanded / prepped]

helios# patchadd ./108921-23

Checking installed patches...
One or more patch packages included in
108921-23 are not installed on this system.

Patchadd is terminating.

Try to force it, less politely:

helios# patchadd -u ./108921-23

Checking installed patches...
One or more patch packages included in
108921-23 are not installed on this system.

Patchadd is terminating. 
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