SUMMARY: Installing Recommended_8 patch

From: Pablo Salazar <>
Date: Fri Mar 04 2005 - 11:39:18 EST
Thanks to

Vincent.Vallee, Clive McAdam, Hallen, Mark , Paveza, Gary, Chris Ruhnke,
mike.salehi, Coy Hile, simonb, Bischof, Ralph, Harrington, David B, Bernd
Schemmer, John Christian.

I know that this is some thinks basics for admins, but, i haven this
doubt, after many maintenence windows with long times of installation, my
servers are E220R, you know.

Well, how to say the Sun Docs., the best way it's reboot the server on
sigle-user mode, install the cluster patch and reboot, well, well, if
it's possible, take a full backup.


Pablo Salazar
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