SUMMARY: setting up loghost server

From: Dave Martini 1 <>
Date: Thu Mar 03 2005 - 14:35:18 EST
I ended up changing the entry in each clients /etc/syslog.conf
to	@hostname

instead of	@loghost

The loghost entry wasn't resolving to my loghost server, instead
things were logging to the local client.
In my /etc/nsswitch.conf file I have
nisplus listed first so I would have thought it would go
to the host I have defined as loghost in my nisplus hosts table
but it wasn't.

I could have also modified /etc/hosts on each client and define 
a loghost there but opted to modify the syslog.conf file on each
host instead.

Below is my original question

I setup a solaris 9 machine to be my log host server
by adding the entry to the syslog.conf file
to point to a local file system on that machine.

For the clients I have an entry in their syslog.conf	@loghost

But it's not logging to my loghost server it's logging to
each client locally.

I added an entry in the nis+ host table for my hostname of my
loghost with the alias of loghost and when I do a niscat hosts |grep loghost
it returns the name of the machine I setup for my server.

But each client has in its host file

IP address hostname loghost

So that's why it's logging to the local client I suppose.

How do I get the clients to recoginze that the loghost is
the server I've defined in the hosts table??

Thanks much.
Dave Martini
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