SUMMARY: recommended swap size

From: McEwan, Ryan <>
Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 18:04:21 EST
Many people responded to this.  Half asked if I would summarize as they
are in the same situation and half responded with solutions that they
have come to.  Most recommended that it simply relies on the
applications that you are running on the box and several responded that
4 gigs should be ample to cover nearly anything you could be running,
despite the memory load.  Most also mentioned that the double ram rule
of thumb went away with SVR5 and that the double memory was an old BSD
based concept, which no longer applies to Solaris.

I personally went with a one to one correlation having 4 * 2gig swap
partitions spread across 4 different disks.  I think I should be fine.

Thanks again to all who responded.



From: McEwan, Ryan
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Subject: recommended swap size

I have always used the rule of thumb to double system memory for swap,
but now I'm installing a machine that will be used for Oracle with 8
gig's of memory.  I have a hard time thinking that the OS will know what
to do with a 16gig swap file.  Can others let me know what they are
doing for swap with machines with larger amounts of physical memory???

Thanks in advance.

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