SUMMARY: Solstice tape format

From: McGinniss Mr Kenneth W <MCGINNISSKW_at_USMC-MCCS.ORG>
Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 13:15:33 EST
Solstice backup is essentially Legato Networker and has its own proprietary
format. Command line options such as save, scanner, recover, can be used to
substitute GUI options like nwadmin.  The man pages detail the use of these
options listed above. Unless you have the Solstice/Legato software installed
on your server, you will not be able to read any data from a tape that was
generated in this format.
Thanks to all members who responded and provided this hyperlink.

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	Subject:	Solstice tape format

	I am running solstice backup version 6.1.4 on a SPARC Solaris 8
	with an attached Sun Storedge L100 tape library. I would like to
know what 
	sort of tape format solstice backup uses and if the format is sun
proprietary. In 
	short, I need to know if I can take a backup tape created with
solstice and read 
	and extract data from the command line on a Solaris operating system
	using nwadmin.  I will summarize.

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