From: Tom Grassia <>
Date: Thu Mar 10 2005 - 10:38:22 EST
Hello all,

Here's the short answer.

I'm a moron.

The long answer.

I was forgetting to rewind the tape after screwing up the ufsrestore 
commands.  Therefore I was at EoT.  Once I smacked myself in the head, and 
got calmed down by Tom Crummey (who does not live up to his name), I got 
things under control.

I would like to thank all 300 of you who replied.  I wish I could name you 
all here, but I'm just too lazy for that.  Every reply was appreciated, 
even the ones that mentioned things I knew.  Those at least made me realize 
I had some idea of what was going on; that was nice.

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