SUMMARY: 280R panics after init 0

From: NKS <>
Date: Wed Mar 09 2005 - 08:25:39 EST
[I forgot to put SUMMARY in the subject]


I replaced the CPUs and memory modules, same thing happened. I also
tried to remove the PGX64 card. Same thing. panic.

I tried init 0 with Solaris 8 on the same 280R (had an spare disk with 
Solaris 8). Did not result in panic.... I also tried init 0 on another 
280R with Solaris 9. No panic.

So, I reinstalled Solaris 9 from the 4/04 media and skipped path installation.
Everything works fine now. My guess is that a kernel patch caused the 

New kernel:

   SunOS 5.9 Generic_112233-12 64-bit

Old kernel:

   SunOS 5.9 Generic_118558-02 64-bit

Other suggestions: 

   o Check out the PCI-controller. 
   o Run CTEact on the core-files from /var/crash and send the results to 
     Sun so that they can identify the offending process. 
Thanks to all that replied!!

Best regards,


>    I have a problem with one of our 280R servers:
>       Sun 280R, dual CPU, Solaris 9, latest recommended patches.
>    The server has a PGX64 FB card, QLogic fiber card, Sysconnect GB lan 
>    card and a dual VHDCI SCSI card from SUn.
>    If we do a 'init 0', the server goes to the boot prom. After appr. 
>    20 seconds in boot-prom mode, the server panics...
>    For those of you with Sunsolve access, I found this document:
>    22init%200%22%20%22consistent%20dma%20sync%20timeout%22%20%22panic%22
>    No work-arounds or suggestions found...
>    A similar problem was described here:
>    Unfortunately, no summary...
>    I'm wondering if the panic-problem only occurs at init 0 or if 
>    this is a symptom of more serius problems.
>    /var/adm/messages attached.
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