Summary: quick way to mirror a pair of disks using SDS

From: Gold Sun <>
Date: Wed Mar 09 2005 - 04:20:29 EST
Thanks to 3 persons below whom I've learnt
something in my new quest with Solstice Disksuite:

Vincent Valee :
If you have FC disks, you will have to rebuild the
devices for the OBP.

Tom Grassia :
After you've done this, do a metastat.  Do you see a
mirror set up, with two submirrors?  The two
submirrors should be the two internal disks.  
If  you have this, and if df -k shows / to be mounted
 to that mirro  dx, and 
not c0t0d0s0, then you're good to go.

Jacob Rieper offerred the instructions on his website

BTW, the sdsinstall script can be found at :

2005-03-07 03:16 AM
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        subject :   quick way to mirror a pair of
disks using SDS


I'm assuming the Solaris 8 machine  comes preinstalled
SDS (& a spare disk).  Would like a quick way of
c0t0d0(containing OS) & c0t1d0(blank)

Then once I've gone through the initial setup of
entering IP
addrs/hostname, I'm at the # prompt & then issue :

a)Use 'format' to allocate about 10MB each to slice 5
& 6
  (if either slice 5 or 6 is assigned, is it Ok to use
slice 7?

b)Make the partition table the same :
  prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s2 | fmthard -s -

c)mirror them :
 sdsinstall -p c0t0d0 -s c0t1d0  -m s5  -m s6
 Will the above script take care of dumpadm, startup
  update /etc/lvm/ & do installboot (on c0t1d0)

Anything else I've left out?  What about device
aliases at OBP

Thanks for any inputs,
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