SUMMARY: Enterprise IT Rentals

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Date: Mon Feb 28 2005 - 17:26:13 EST
First of all, thanks for the responses.

Summary & Update:

1) Are there any service providers that you would recommend that SPECIALIZE in this type of service?

We sent out an RFQ to 3 vendors and ended using our preferred supplier of used equipment, who also happens to have a pretty serious Rental Program with DC moves services.  Email me direct if interested in hearing more.

2) Are there any HW resellers that offer short-term rentals on this type of enterprise equipment?

See above

3) Does anyone have any experience with this type of project - any feedback/pitfalls?

The responses were very helpful.  The 3 most important suggestions were Plan, Plan and Plan, a close 4th was to test.  Anyway, Thanks to these folks for short but helpful insight:

Michael Horton
John Christian
Rotramel, Andrew
Angelo McComis
King, Brooke
Brad Webb
Joe Fletcher

And thanks to these folks for detailed info.  Here is a summary of the advice they offered.

Janodia, Mehul
Rich Kulawiec
Dell, Mary
Neil Quiogue

Document everything you see or change relentlessly!

Perform impact analysis of ip address and subnet changes, services, host name changes etc. and make sure to document EVERYTHING.

Test all Apps with the changes prior to the move if possible.

Plan and then move in two phases- test server move and then production server move.  Apply "Lessons Learned" as appropriate.

If possible break plan into 2 paths - one for the services that need to be up through the migration (0 downtime) and one for the services that can accept downtime. 

Duplicate services to the patch level and upgrade later so that you dont introduce additional problem variables into the mix.  After the move, perform OS upgrades and patching to get everything matching, this may be your best opportunity to do so.

Document the localization/configuration of every system

Rent or buy used equipment where possible

Use purchased equipment as swing equipment if needed

Backup EVERYTHING before the move.  try flash archives since it duplicates the system accordingly when doing installs.  Buy or rent a big external disk drive or two which can be used to boot your systems

If possible move things in "batches" so that problems can be identified and fixed as they appear not all at once.  This heavily depends on the number of servers and project timeline.

Be cognizant that disks that have been running for years may die after being brought all the way down and rebooted  plan accordingly.

Thanks Everyone!

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