SUMMARY: Network Interface

From: Brian Lucas <>
Date: Wed Feb 23 2005 - 12:07:45 EST
Thanks to Angelos Kanellopoulos and Kendall Lloyd for their quick

The way to detect it was to plumb each of the interfaces in turn and
then snoop for packets on the wire.

For instance,

# ifconfig qfe0 plumb
# snoop -d qfe0

>From this I was able to detect the link.

Thanks, again.

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Is there anyway to know on a remote server which network interface has a
cable plugged into it if that interface has never been configured
before?  I have a remote server (never seen before) that a user says he
has plugged a network cable into and would like configured.  Under /dev,
I see hme, ge, and qfe.  ge0 is currently configured and everything else
isn't.  Anyway to sense the network cable?

Much respect,
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