SUMMARY: Blade 1500 OBP Patch; Three Beeps and Out

From: Tim Evans <>
Date: Wed Feb 23 2005 - 06:42:26 EST
I wrote:

>I've just applied the latest Open Boot Prom patch #116698-03 to my Blade 1500.
> The patch apparently succeeeded, according to the onscreen messages.  At the
>end of the process, the system beeped three times and powered itself down.
>The same thing happens when I turn the power back on.  After about 2 seconds
>the system beeps three times and powers itself off.  Nothing appears on
>console and there is no time to do anything before the shutdown.
>So, system is dead in water...

Thanks to:

"Michael Horton" <>
Alan Crosby <>

This was mostly (and a bit costly) pilot error.  Patch 116698-03's README says:

NOTE 3: DIMMs Support
          OBP 4.9.4 is only compatible with DIMMs using SPD version 0.0.
          If you wish to install DIMMs with SPD version 1.x, you must first
          upgrade your OBP to 4.9.5 or higher, then install the DIMMs.
          If you do not upgrade your OBP prior to installing these DIMMs, OBP
          will beep 3 times and power off. 
While this note could've been a littler clearer and said "OBP 4.9.4 *AND 
GREATER* is only compatible with..." I shouldn't have rushed into installing the 
patch without thinking about this note.  I *did* read it, but saw the old, old 
version number there (the patch installs OBP 4.16.4) and went on.

The DIMM's had to be replaced with new ones that are compatible. 

BTW, the Blade 1500 beep codes are in its hardware handbook at
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