SUMMARY: v20z lcd stuck with "OS Booting"

From: Mika Tuupola <>
Date: Mon Feb 21 2005 - 03:11:20 EST
	Thanks to:

	Anton Kaifel <>


	Anton pointed me to SunSolve document 77435 "Sun Fire[TM] V20z
	Server: The LCD Panel Stays on Operating System Booting"
	(SunSolve account needed):
	To be short. A NWSnps package needs to be installed in 
	order to OS to communicate with SP (Service Processor). 
	NWSnps can be found from the Server Network Share Volume CD
	or from the NSV NFS share if you have made it during installation.

	In my case the path was: 

	/<nfs mount path>/sw_images/platform/32bit/solaris9/nps/V2.1.0.16
	Installation as follows:

#mkdir /tmp/nps
#cd /tmp/nps
#cp /mnt/n/sw_images/platform/32bit/solaris9/nps/V2.1.0.16/NWSnps.tar.gz .
#tar -xzvf NWSnps.tar.gz
#pkgadd -d ./
#/etc/init.d/ start

	To verify that everything is ok connect to Service Processor
	and type:

localhost $  platform get os state
OS communicating with SP

	"OS communicating with SP" mean everything is ok. If not
	you will most likely see something like "OS booting".

	Now the LCD displays OS Running.


> 	I have a v20z with Solaris 9 installed. It has a minor
> 	annoyance of the front panel lcd being stuck with 
> 	"OS Booting" even when the system is up.
> 	Google nor archives did not reveal anything. Is there
> 	a way to get rid of this?

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